Putzmeister - Power stations

Power stations

It is impossible to imagine many power stations without Putzmeister systems.

With a maximum of reliability, they can pump an extremely wide range of coals, sludge, ash or REA gypsum.

One of their main tasks is to load pressurized circulating fluidized bed furnaces. This innovative power station technology not only achieves a high level of efficiency in converting coal into electricity, but also sets new standards in environmental protection.

KOS series high density solids pumps without valves pump the fuel into the circulating bed as a coal-limestone-water mixture. Depending on the grain size, a dry content of over 85 % is usually possible
in practice. This is a convincing plus point allowing continuous operation which is unproblematic and maintenance- free.

Coal power stations wishing to increase their efficiency, can also obtain complete systems from Putzmeister for the co-incineration of sewage sludge and waste coal. The turnkey solution consists of silos,  high density solids pumps, pipelines and all the necessary accessories and services. Putzmeister works hand in hand with all the leading providers of power station technology to guarantee seamless system integration.

KOS – hydraulic piston pump with S transfer tube
KOS - double piston pump >>
HSP –oil-hydraulic piston pump with hydraulically actuated seat valves 
HSP - hydraulic seat valve pump >>
KOV – double piston pump
KOV piston pump >>