Putzmeister - Goal

Goal (fuel management system)

If a machine operator manages to use one of the measures above to reduce the thirst of his truck-mounted concrete pump by only 1 l per 100 km, at a consumption level of 40 to 50 l/100 km and a service life of between 25,000 and 45,000 km, he could save approximately 250 l to 450 l diesel per year in driving mode alone.

Pumping operations:
Where possible, only pump in the EOC (Ergonic Output Control) operation mode. EOC is an electronically controlled system for saving fuel during concrete pump operation. The minimum engine speed necessary is set automatically for the delivery rate preselected by the machine operator, which leads to lower fuel consumption, wear and noise.


Extract from the operating instructions

The EOC function can be switched on and off (I/O) with F4 or can be switched to radio remote control.

Once power to the control cabinet is lost (e.g. ignition off, power take-off off), the factor settings are reset.
When the EOC function is switched off, the engine speed must be set manually.