Putzmeister - High-rise concreting

High-rise concreting

Who would carry one million buckets of concrete to the 55th floor? In 1977, during the construction of the 310 metre Frankfurt telecommunications tower, concrete had to be hauled to the top using winches and cranes. Whether the 55-storey Torre Mayor in Mexico City or the highest skyscraper in the world (Burj Dubai at more than 700 m), stationary concrete pumps from Putzmeister have been helping develop whole new worlds above the cloudline.

Over the years, Putzmeister has made a significant contribution to developing delivery systems designed to fulfil customer requirements for reliability and performance in conveying and distributing concrete over long distances.

Pumping concrete vertically not only requires a powerful concrete pump, but also a coordinated system consisting of a pump, piping system and distribution point. Putzmeister has been involved in numerous large-scale building projects over the last few decades and has developed a reputation as a competent global partner able to fulfil specific requirements for any project.

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