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Putzmeister pump technology

With high delivery pressures up to 130 bar for delivery outputs of up to 200 m3/h, Putzmeister pumps are ideally suitable for all concreting tasks – no matter whether equipped with C or S transfer tubes. They convey all pumpable concrete mixes up to K 1 (1” slump, a = 34 cm) with grain sizes of up to 50 mm.

Easy to maintain
Both C and S transfer tubes are optimum leak-proof delivery systems as there is only one point of separation beween the spectacle plate and the transfer tube. The entire switch-over hydraulics and bearings lie outside the concreting area. The low number of construction parts and their easiness to exchange are maintenance-friendly. The hopper does not have to be dismounted to exchange the wear parts.


Mode of operation
  1. The low-lying agitator which is driven at both ends shifts the concrete directly in front of the cylinder openings.
  2. Two powerful and fast-switching switch cylinders (which are muffled) move the trunk back and forth in front of the large suction openings, thus releasing the pressure and intake openings alternately.
  3. Depending on the position of the S-/C-valve the concrete is lighting into a cylinder or pressd through the delivery pipeline.


- robust design
- eased cleaning
- easy to maintain

Rotor pump

- Quiet running and almost no residual concrete



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